Foggy Morning Wedding on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Jesse + Hannah’s Blue Ridge Parkway wedding was truly magical! They were engulfed in the morning fog that the parkway is known for which created such moody vibes. Their sunrise elopement ceremony and private vow exchange may not have gone exactly as planned but it was filled with intimacy + lots of love.

Blue Ridge Mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Jesse + Hannah’s Moody Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding

Getting Ready Together on the Parkway

Jesse & Hannah chose to wake up early and get ready together at their ceremony location so they wouldn’t miss sunrise. Since they arrived so early, there was no one else at this overlook which provided such a private experience of getting ready together.

A Private Vow Exchange

As the morning fog rolled in over them, they said their vows to each other in private. Jesse & Hannah chose this location because they have always held the Blue Ridge Mountains close to their heart having grown up together in this beautiful area. However, they are not big hikers and knew they wanted a super accessible and easy to get to ceremony location.

Man and woman holding vow books while in wedding attire during elopement.

Stunning Sunrise Portraits

After the ceremony, Jesse & Hannah hung out and watched the morning fog lift up over the mountains. We took some incredible wedding portraits of them just hanging out and exploring together. Then they popped a bottle of champagne they had brought to celebrate.

Minimalistic Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement

Jesse + Hannah are very minimalistic and didn’t want anything too extravagant for their elopement so they focused on a few details that were really unique and felt like them. They both wore their cowboy boots because they felt much more comfortable and like them. And they had the most beautiful, leather vow books.

Vow books: LINK

Jesse’s dress: LINK

Eloping on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Top 3 Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding Spots

  • Buck Springs Gap Overlook
  • Chestoa View Overlook
  • Jumpin Off Rock

Obviously, there are SO many incredible spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway that would be perfect for your wedding but it’s impossible to list all of them. I work 1-on-1 with each couple to help them find the perfect location for them and that will help tell their unique love story in the best way!

Man and woman running and smiling at each other while wearing wedding attire.

Things to know about Eloping on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Best Time of Year to Elope on the Blue Ridge Parkway

The time of year you choose for your Blue Ridge Parkway wedding is so, so important! You’ll find the best wildflowers during Spring & Summer. But Summer will be HOT! You’ll find Fall colors from September-November but this time of year is the busiest for the parkway. Winter is less busy but there will not be much greenery and there is a HUGE potential for road closures.

Road closures can also occur all through out the year due to multiple things like rock slides, construction or even wrecks so you’ll want to make sure you have a plan A, B & C for whatever time of year you choose to elope. Don’t worry, if you choose me to photograph your elopement, then I will help you create these plans.

Where to Stay for Your Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding

There are so many options of places to stay for your Blue Ridge Parkway wedding! I recommend sitting down together and choosing the option that really feels most like you and would help you have an incredible elopement experience.


  1. Airbnb or VRBO
  2. Campsite
  3. Lodges

It can be extremely easy to get confused on where your ceremony location is due to how large the Blue Ridge Parkway is. So I work very closely with couples to ensure that their accommodations aren’t going to be too far away from their ceremony location.

Man and woman wearing cowboy boots and walking.

Other Things to Know:

Flowers are not permitted! I know this is a bummer but it’s super important to keep these outdoor spaces in great condition for years to come. There are a few other options for your florals like silk, wood and paper flowers.

Most likely, there will be other people present! The Blue Ridge Parkway is a public space and there are likely going to be other people present during your elopement, especially if you pick a more popular location. There are ways to avoid super large crowds so if that is super important to you then don’t forget to take that into account when you are picking your location.

Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding Permits, Passes & Legalities

Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding Permit

One super important thing to know about your Blue Ridge Parkway wedding is that you will likely need a permit! You’ll have to visit the parkway website to apply for your permit and I recommend doing this as far in advance as possible because they are given out on a first come, first serve basis.

When applying for your permit, you’ll be required to pay a $60.00 non-refundable application fee and there will be another $40.00 owed at the time the permit is issued. They also limit the size of your party to 25 or less depending on the specific location. And there are no “rain checks” so they will not reissue a permit if you have to change plans due to weather.

To read more about what they allow and don’t allow and the process of applying for you permit visit the parkway wedding permit site.

Blue Ridge Parkway Entrance Pass

There are no entrance fees for the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Blue Ridge Parkway Marriage License

The Blue Ridge Parkway stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Shenandoah National Park so there are multiple states to take into consideration when applying for your marriage license. So you’ll want to be sure that you are applying in the correct state of where your ceremony will be taking place. Here are some super helpful tips for each state:

North Carolina allows you to apply for your marriage license online.

Virginia allows you to do a pre-application for a marriage license online but you have to officially apply in person at one of the listed Virginia Circuit Court Clerk.

Both states require you to have an officiant + two witnesses when signing your marriage license. This is super easy because I am an officiant and we can grab a few hikers or passerby’s on the trail to sign as your witnesses so don’t stress about that!

Your Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding Photographer

I’d love to work with you to help you find the PERFECT Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding location! I offer Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding packages for every couples unique day and can even officiate your wedding, if that is something you need. I provide all of my couples with a 60+ elopement planning guide that can help you with picking vendors and activities for your elopement. Contact me HERE to get started planning your Blue Ridge Parkway Wedding adventure!

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