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What is a Post Wedding Photoshoot? Plus, 3 Reasons Why You Should do one!

What is a Post Wedding Photoshoot?

A post wedding photoshoot may also be referred to as a day after session or honeymoon session. They are all the same thing and refer to the same type of photoshoot. A post wedding photoshoot is essentially exactly what it sounds like… a photoshoot that takes place after your wedding day.

Man and woman looking at each other while in a hot tub.

It could be the day after your wedding or sometime during your honeymoon, it could even be weeks or months after your wedding day. There is so much flexibility in what this could look like. It really is just whatever you want it to be!

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Post Wedding Photoshoot

1. More Creative Photos

One of the main reasons that I encourage couples to have a post wedding photoshoot is because it allows you to have more of those “instagram-worthy” photos. The ones that you will print on a big canvas and hang above your couch.

A lot of the times a wedding day can be so busy and packed full of fun that you may not have time to sneak away for those epic wedding day shots. Or it may not allow room for you guys to be intimate and cozy in your photos. This makes a post wedding photoshoot the PERFECT way to ensure you get those dreamy photos!

Man hugging woman from behind in a hot tub.

It also allows you to have the flexibility to get more creative with those epic photos because you aren’t on a time crunch. You don’t have people waiting on you and you don’t have to worry about missing the next big thing on your timeline. You can truly just be in the moment, get creative & unique and really have a chance to let your love shine through in your photographs.

2. Another Location

A post wedding photoshoot is also a great idea if you have multiple locations that you would like photos at. Especially if those locations are more than an hour or so drive away from each other. Sometimes it’s just unrealistic to drive so far on your wedding day but you really dream of having photos at both locations.

So why not just put your wedding attire back on the next day and head to that second location for those photos that you’ve always dreamed about having. Your hair & make-up will likely only require a few touch-ups and you’ll be “high” on that honeymoon love!

3. Stress-Free

To me, this is the most important reason to plan a post wedding photoshoot! All of the stress from the wedding day is gone and you can truly just relax and be in the moment with your new spouse. You don’t have to worry about the stress of being on a timeline or all of those little details that make up a wedding day.

Ultimately, the less stressed you are, the better your photos will be! When you are stressed, no matter how hard you try, that will always show through in your photos. A post wedding photoshoot allows you to show up as your true, authentic, stress-free selves. Trust me, these will be your most favorite photos!

Ideas for Your Post Wedding Photoshoot:

Man and woman kissing in a hot tub.

  • trash the dress
  • cook breakfast together
  • sunrise hike in your wedding attire to an EPIC location
  • get coffee at a nearby coffee shop
  • wear a more comfortable outfit for some couples portraits (especially if you didn’t have engagement photos done)
  • cozy, intimate hottub session
Man and woman in a hot tub.
Man and woman laughing and holding each other in a hot tub.

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Man and woman in a hot tub.

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