Man and woman sitting during sunset photoshoot at Max Patch Mountain in North Carolina.


Engagement Photos at Max Patch Mountain

Max Patch, North Carolina Engagement Photoshoot

If you are looking for a cool place in North Carolina to have your engagement photos done then take after Kaylin & Ryan and head to Max Patch. Max Patch is an extremely short hike from the parking lot and offers 360 degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Located in the heart of Pisgah National Forest, Max Patch is an incredible spot for camping, star-gazing, and of course, engagement photos. So pack a picnic, grab a blanket and head up to watch the sunset over the Appalachian Mountains.

Max Patch Engagement Photos

Imagine being able to say that you got your engagement photos taken on the Appalachian Trail!! That’s what you get at Max Patch because it is one of the main stops on the Appalachian Trail. You will absolutely see backpackers and hikers pass through here during your engagement photoshoot. Not only that but you get expansive views of North Carolina AND Tennessee!

Have you ever stumbled upon a moment so extraordinary, so captivating, that it lingered in your mind like a melody you couldn’t let go? It’s as if time stood still, and you became a spectator to a love story unfolding right before your eyes. Picture this: a warm embrace, a stolen kiss, and the backdrop of nature’s splendid canvas. That’s exactly what I experienced when photographing Kaylin & Ryan’s engagement pictures.

As a photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for unique and intimate moments that encapsulate the essence of love. I thrive on the thrill of capturing raw emotions and freezing them in time.

Best Time For Your Max Patch Engagement Photos

There are a few things to consider when thinking about WHEN to do your Max Patch engagement photoshoot. First, you should think about the time of year you would prefer. Then you should think about the time of day would be best for lighting. Lastly, you should take into consideration Max Patch weather.

Max Patch mountain is going to be gorgeous no matter what time of year it is BUT there will be certain seasons that might fit what you are looking for better than another season. Here is a breakdown by season:

During Spring, Max Patch will be covered in wildflowers but this is usually rainy season. Although, a rainy Max Patch engagement session would be dreamy. So if that is your vibe then let’s do it!

During Summer, you can expect to see wildflowers and lots of bugs! The days will be HOT and there is not much shade for relief so this is important to think about. You don’t want to get your make-up and hair done just to have it melt away while walking to the top of the mountain. However, summer nights at Max Patch can be magical!!

Fall will offer beautiful Fall colors and cool, breezy nights! The bugs will be dying off and there won’t be as many hikers. Fall peak season in this area is usually the last 2 weeks of October to the first 2 weeks of November. You will have to plan extremely strategic if you want to make sure you catch it at the right time. Kaylin & Ryan’s photos were taken on November 4th, for reference!

Winter will likely be icy and extremely cold. There may even be snow at the higher elevation! However, it could be a bit dangerous trying to get to Max Patch during winter.

And of course, for lighting purposes, sunrise and sunset will be the best time of day!

Max Patch Hike Length

According to AllTrails, Max Patch Loop hike is 1.5 miles roundtrip. However, you can get gorgeous views after about a .25 mile hike clockwise. You don’t even have to go all the way to the “top”!

Max Patch Hike Overview

🥾Length: 1.5 miles roundtrip

🗺Type: Loop

⛰Elevation gain: 308 feet

🟢Difficulty: Easy

🌲Time: ~30 minutes

🐻Traffic: Heavy

🐾Dogs: Yes

💰Fees: None

⛺️Camping: Primitive

💩Restrooms: No restrooms located at trailhead!

To view more information about the hike up Max Patch Mountain, view the AllTrails listing >> HERE <<!

Getting to Max Patch

Directions to Max Patch are pretty straight forward. If you are coming from … then …

However, you will NOT want to drive a low clearance vehicle to Max Patch for your engagement photos because it is a long, windy gravel road. There are some pretty deep potholes and some pretty large bumps. Anything smaller than a mid-size sedan would probably not be safe!

For reference, I drive a Subaru Outback and it did just fine. I never bottomed out or had any issues!

What to Wear for Your Max Patch Photos

When considering what to wear for your Max Patch pictures, you should think about a few things: colors, coziness, and time of year. All of these things intertwine with one another and will ultimately guide your engagement photoshoot outfits.

For example, Kaylin & Ryan’s photos were taken during Fall so they were able to dress a bit warmer and with a Fall color palette. You can see that Kaylin wore heels in their engagement photos. BUT she packed those in a small bag and wore tennis shoes up the mountain to be more comfortable.

More neutral colors would be best for Spring/Summer since there will be lots of wildflower colors and very green grass. You don’t want to clash with any of the foliage colors. So think about beiges and whites for this time of year! And of course, think WARM for your winter engagement photos at Max Patch!

Of course, for any time of year you want to make sure you are comfortable! Because if you feel stiff or uncomfortable when you aren’t in front of the camera then I promise you, it will show up in your pictures.

Step into this gallery, and you’ll find yourself transported to a world where love and nature coexist in perfect harmony: Kaylin & Ryan’s Engagement Session Gallery

As always, please remember to Leave No Trace when visiting our outdoor spaces! To learn more about the Leave No Trace principles, read by blog What it Means to be a Leave No Trace Photographer.



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